Frequently Asked Questions

Is a paid site? is a Free site. You do not need to pay anything to access the site.

What content can I access on this site ? gives you free access to the following databases-

  • Central Bare Acts (Statutes)
  • Bills and Ordinances as introduced in the parliament  or pending with status thereof
  • Draft Bills
  • Lokpal Bills
  • Law Commission Reports
  • Standing Committee Reports
  • Amending and repealing Acts (statute)
  • More content will be added subsequently on this site

I could not locate the State Bare Acts on the site. Are these included on has the exhaustive collection of all the Central Bare Acts. State Bare Acts are not included in the database currently.

Are the users allowed to e-mail the selected documents as they can do on

The documents on are in printable form but users cannot e-mail them directly. You may however copy and paste the text in email.

I am not a law scholar, how would this site be useful to me?

A responsible citizen should know the legal landscape of the country; what all bills are being introduced in the parliament of India and how those bills would impact the life. not only provides the text of the pending bills but also the bill summary, which helps the non-legal readers to understand the content and implication of the bill. The site also has the Constitution of India uploaded in both Hindi and English version, which is relevant to all the citizens of India.

I could not find the case laws or judgments on the Are those available at

This site does not provide the case laws or judgments, for those users are requested to refer to If you don't have the access to Manupatra, you can write to us at contact@manupatra

The Parliament of India often updates and amends the statute. Will also be updating the content that often?

Yes, has the team of experts who closely monitors the legislative progress. In case any amendment bill is passed by the legislation, we update the principal act accordingly.

There are more than 1300 important Central Acts in India. Does provide all those 1300 Central Acts?

Yes, covers all the important Central Acts of India.

Are the readers allowed to take the print out of the documents available on

The documents on are available in print and print PDF format and thus the readers can comfortably take the printout of the documents.

I do not want to provide my email id during registration due to confidentiality issues. Can I login without doing so?

This is a free access website and no login is required.

Will also cover the news and articles?

It currently does not cover Articles and News. For the same you can head to :

Can users access from mobile or tablet?

Yes, users can comfortably access from their mobiles or tablets. For that they just have to type the URL in the phone browser.

Is there any dedicated Apps for like there are many for

Yes there is an App for Windows 8 to access

Does also include the notification and circulars from Law Ministry?

No, does not contain the notification and circulars. For those you can refer to

Some of the important Central Acts are read with the rules. Does also provide those rules to the readers?

Rules are not being covered currently on For those you can refer to If you don't have access to Manupatra, you can write to us at